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suburban goddess mom

life, truth, and change: my journey

Life, Truth, and Change.

I created this blog to share my story. This is my journal, where I share my deepest thoughts and life journey. I blog about my spiritual life, motherhood, the challenges of life as a free spirit, and much more.

Life, Truth, and Change.

I am a divorced mother of two, restarting my life and reinventing myself. I have always loved writing, and writing has helped me to work through intense times in my life. To get to know me more, read my blog and join me on this journey of becoming the suburban goddess mom.

A Life Full Of Passion

At 37, I am living a life I am passionate about. A life filled with creativity, love, friendship, and personal growth. I am most passionate about my writing and my family. Passion powers a lifetime of dreams. It is an energy source for living an inspired life that is...

I Live For Anticipation

Life can get us down in more ways than one, and one way to get through our troubles is by having something to look forward to. By looking ahead, we’re looking onward and upward towards our future, and we remind ourselves that better times are coming. 

The Year Of No

If you are constantly saying yes to other people, then you are constantly saying no to yourself and your goals. Ask yourself if what is being requested of you is in line with your goals. Will it benefit you in some way and bring you closer to your success, or will you simply be spending your time on someone else’s good opportunity?

My Warrior Goddess Tribe

Most women will tell you that their friendships are among the most important relationships in their life. Whether they’re lifelong friends from childhood or a friend they met as an adult who lives around the corner, these relationships are essential to a woman’s well being. In fact, studies have shown that a large network of friends can increase a person’s overall health and longevity. Friends, it seems, not only make our lives better, but they can also make our lives longer.

Masterfully Surrender

I had to do the work and make new, harder, better choices. I could no longer work from a place of fear. All actions that originate from a place of fear invariably result over time in maintaining the status quo. I no longer wanted to be afraid, and I no longer could remain hidden from my true self.

Some Days

Some days I get everything done before the kids go to school. Some days I wake up early when my partner Chris leaves for work. Some days I write two blogs before the kids wake up. Some days I shower and wash my hair before the kids start their day. Some days I wake...