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At 37, I am living a life I am passionate about. A life filled with creativity, love, friendship, and personal growth. I am most passionate about my writing and my family.

Passion powers a lifetime of dreams. It is an energy source for living an inspired life that is driven by purposeful action. In more specific terms, passion is your vision for your life based on your core values, strengths, skills, interests, and talents. With it, you can overcome obstacles , problem solve, and navigate the endless challenges that life throws your way. Without it, people often succumb to anger, frustration, disappointment and continuously get caught up in seemingly insurmountable problems.

Most 18 year olds heading off to college have no idea what they are truly passionate about, and if they do know most of those passions will not last a lifetime. How can you plan for your whole life at that age? I couldn’t. I wanted to be an artist. That lasted maybe a month in college.

Passion is often born from experience. It’s born from the act of trying new things and from broadening your horizons. In other words, it isn’t something that suddenly finds you while you’re sitting on your couch at home watching television. It is rather something that you must proactively pursue by venturing outside your comfort zone to gain the necessary experiences to trigger that “aha” moment that can change the course of your life forever. Instead of waiting for your passions, you must chase them down. The best way to do this, of course, is to go out into the world and try new things, experience as much as possible, learn and dabble in unique experiences, and interact with a variety of people who are pursuing their own passions. This is by far the best and quickest way to find what you’re truly most passionate about.

Passionate people are focused because they have clarity about what they want to do, be, have, and achieve in life. And because they have this clarity, this helps build self-confidence in their daily choices, decisions, and actions.

Above all else, with passion, life just becomes more satisfying and easier because you are doing what you love and living your life on your own terms. Yes, you will still experience heartbreak, setbacks and endless challenges. However, as a passionate person, you are in full control and take total and complete responsibility for making the necessary changes to improve your life. As such this gives you personal power and allows you to live with a definite purpose that propels you forward each and every day. In fact, often by following your passions, you will find that it helps enhance all other aspects of your life because passion is a state-of-mind. And as your mindset changes, your life is transformed as a result.

Hanging around people who are following their passions and making a difference in this world can potentially help trigger a burning desire within you for something you have been longing to pursue all these years. Their energy and enthusiasm can rub off on you in surprising ways. Just maybe you can even get behind a cause that others are fighting for. Yes, it might not initially be a cause that you’re completely passionate about, however being within an environment where other people are passionately pursuing this cause can very well help you gain some clarity about your own passions.

In no particular order, here are the qualities that the most passionate people possess: dedication, confidence, courage, single mindedness, determination, discipline, generosity, optimism, curiosity, flexibility, and a lighthearted approach.

Living a passionate life not only requires a mental shift, it also requires massive action. Yes, passionate people are massive action takers. They don’t procrastinate, and they certainly don’t succumb to their fears. They instead make an effort every single day to step outside their comfort zones. Moreover, they show a willingness to take chances and calculated risks that help move them forward. Most of all, passionate people view life as an experiment.

I am so proud I have found what makes me passionate and that I get to share my passion and my life with all of you, as the Suburban Goddess Mom.

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