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The term tribe has been used for centuries but is now being used in a new way. Traditionally, the term refers to people closely associated in both geography and genealogy.  These days it is a slang to describe a group of friends, usually female, that would do just about anything for each other at any time.

After my divorce and move to Maine, building a tribe was incredibly important to me.  I knew very few people in Maine, so I craved the connection. Being with other women helps you to be a better mother; and the moral support, physical, emotional and mental support create a beautiful harmonious environment for the mother and children to thrive.

We are born wired for connection. Today, women are more isolated in their own homes and lives and more separate from each other. The opportunities for coming together are much more limited, and the time spent together in this way greatly reduced. Because of this, women miss the beautiful healing and nourishment that comes from being with others.

Most women will tell you that their friendships are among the most important relationships in their life. Whether they’re lifelong friends from childhood or a friend they met as an adult who lives around the corner, these relationships are essential to a woman’s well being. In fact, studies have shown that a large network of friends can increase a person’s overall health and longevity. Friends, it seems, not only make our lives better, but they can also make our lives longer.

Recently I was going through an extremely difficult time. And my tribe rallied around me day and night to not only support and love me but my kids as well. These woman ran into “battle” with me and for me. I realized those who love me wanted to show up, they wanted to be there, and they wanted to give me comfort. And I fucking needed them to, and I needed what they were giving. I would have not gotten through it without them. Each woman had her own distinct way she could help, and all combined it was one amazing supportive team. I am so thankful for them every day.

With these ladies, I have been through the best of times and the worst of times; divorces, dating, moving in with new loves, job promotions and firings, surgeries, being broke, and hundreds of other things. But we have always had each other’s backs, be it a phone call, text, visit, or coffee date.

As strong as I have become as the Suburban Goddess Mom, I couldn’t do all this and be this strong without my very own warrior goddess tribe. I love you girlies!!!!

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