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This year Brayden has decided to try town sports. First it was soccer and now basketball. Brayden loves sports, in truth he is not a natural, but he has fun and is learning.

Sports can be a fun and engaging way for kids to learn some important lessons about life. They can be very beneficial in fostering responsible social behaviors, greater academic success, and an appreciation of personal health and fitness. Participating on a team can also give a child an important sense of belonging.

Few children possess the talent to play competitive sports at the highest level—most will not grow up to be professional athletes. I’ll bet Brayden will not be a professional athlete, even though that is his current dream job. Therefore, in my eyes the primary goals of youth sports are to foster physical competence, develop self esteem, teach leadership and communication skills, promote sportsmanship and help children develop other critical life skills.

If you want your child to come out of their youth sports experience a “winner” (feeling good about themselves and having a healthy attitude towards sports and competition), then they need our help! We are a vital and important part. Your child will learn the sport faster, perform better, really have fun, and have his/her self-esteem enhanced as a result of positive parental participation. Their sport experience will serve as a positive model for them to follow as they approach other challenges and obstacles throughout life. 

My little guy loves playing. From the moment he puts on his uniform to the moment he takes it off, he is smiling and excited. He practices good sportsmanship, shows team spirit and is improving his skills each game and practice.

Not everyone can be a star on a team or on the court, but everyone can be a star.  Brayden is a star in the eyes of the Suburban Goddess Mom!

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