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I have a hard time taking myself and my passion projects seriously. Like nearly everything else I write about, I feel like this stems from my family of origin,my marital family, and also my inner judge and inner victim. They were telling me I am not good enough. That I’m a failure. I don’t think I was ever really expected to have a real career or support myself. By real career, I mean a career that pays well, that matters to the community, and that not just anyone can do.

I have certainly tried many different jobs both paid and unpaid over the years. But when I started writing this blog, I felt like I had found my true passion. The puzzle pieces fit together finally. I have always loved writing, and in fact took writing classes in college. I wake up every day wanting to write, read and edit. Even with this new appreciation for writing, I struggle with taking myself too seriously, and with new numerous comments and conversations I have had with readers of my blog, taking myself seriously as a writer seemed a stretch.

As I have started blogging more often, and even after hiring an assistant to help me with the formatting and promotion of the blog, I was still feeling hesitant. Then two things happened in the past week or so that changed my mind. First my sweet son Brayden told the principal of his school that I am a writer. When I asked him about it he said, “Because you are.”   Black and white thinking at its finest. The second thing that happened was that for my birthday my amazing and handy partner, Chris, built me an office. It is a space where I can go and write and not have all the distractions of kids and housework. I love it!

So I guess this is me, taking myself seriously. I am a writer. I am the Suburban Goddess Mom and serious writer!

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