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I have always known that I could see other peoples auras; but I never knew what they were, that others could not see them, or what they meant. Over the past decade or so I have learned to trust my natural ability and learned quite a bit in the process.

Aura is an energy field that radiates matter around living things. To me it often looks as a glowing light around the upper half of the body. I see the auras as glowing bands of colored light graduating out. The closer to the body the band is, the more vibrant and solid it is. Everyone has an aura, and your aura describes you and your potential in this life. I can only see someone’s aura when I do not know him/her. Once I know someone my feelings and knowledge of them tends to affect what I see and how I see them.

By looking at someone’s aura I can tell a lot about them. I can tell if a person is healthy or ill, even if they are happy or unhappy in life, all by the intensity and vibrancy of their aura. One person’s aura may be bright, vibrant and expanded; showing openness, well being, positive self esteem and health. While another’s may be faded and tightly drawn to the body, showing fear, illness, lack of self esteem, and hopelessness.

Each color on the aura spectrum gives information about the person’s past, present and future. Being able to read the aura and understand the meaning behind each color has helped me understand the way I process info, my interactions with people, how I handle my intimate relationships and my purpose in this life.

There are three categories of colors; physical, mental and emotional. The physical colors process info predominantly through their physical bodies and through touch. These colors include red, orange, magenta, and yellow. Mental colors process life intellectually by gathering info and then analyzing. These colors include tan and green. Emotional colors process life through feelings, emotions and intuition, These colors are blue, violet, indigo, lavender, and clear (also called crystal). People can also have a combination of colors. Colors can compliment or create inner conflict. The color combos commonly found together are blue/yellow, yellow/violet and blue/violet.

For me, trusting what I see and feel is the biggest step in reading someone’s aura. Learning to see auras helps me understand that we all have innate talents and abilities. It helps me better understand others and myself. This Suburban Goddess Mom is a proud aura see-er, reader and interpreter.

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