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I love tattoos.  I have always loved tattoos, but I grew up in an environment where tattoos were absolutely unacceptable. In fact, my mother would not even allow me to have my ears pierced until I was 18, as an adult it was by decision.  Prior to that she would say, “If G-d wanted more holes in your head, he would have put them there himself.”  Well, 18 came and went.  Over the years I have gotten several piercings and tattoos. My tattoos and piercings were all pretty much in hidden or private places until I separated from my ex. Then I came out as me. Tattoos and piercings and all!

Your body is a canvas, not only does it bear the marks of your growth from childhood into adulthood by way of scars, moles, and other natural born blemishes but many, like myself, also choose to express their story through the art of tattoo.  While not all tattoos have some significance or poignant meaning to the bearer, there is almost always a reason behind why the owner has chosen that specific design. No matter the design, tattoos are a personal and permanent way to express how you were feeling. The tattoo is a reminder of a moment, or an expression of a memory or situation which impacted your life. Tattoos can be a cathartic reminders of trials, tribulations, and a great deal of growth throughout their owner’s lives.

It is important to realize that the art is impressive, beautiful, and attainable. Every person can have an amazing tattoo. Every person can have their own unique tattoo. Having a tattoo can be an expression of who you are or what you believe in. Or something you cherish. Or just something you thought was fun. The prejudice is certainly greatly diminished.

With my 37th birthday quickly approaching, I decided there is no better time to get my next tattoo then now. And I knew exactly what to get. The symbol of Suburban Goddess Mom, the symbol of my journey, freedom, transformation and passion.

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