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My dearest JoJo,

Happy 8th birthday! I can’t believe 8 years have gone by and how much you have grown and changed but also how much you have stayed true to your nature. Eight years after your entrance into the world, you remain bright and vibrant as the sun and your exuberant spirit can lift anyone from the darkest days.

I am so proud of you today and everyday. You are loving, smart, independent, strong, and thoughtful. You have the best laugh, it always makes me smile. You are an old soul who understands more than years but are incredible and thoughtful with your knowledge.

I am so incredibly proud to be your mom. Many days, I don’t feel deserving of you. How I ended up with a daughter as amazing as you is far beyond me. There is not one adjective that I can use to sum up how much joy you bring to life, how much you have improved me as a person, how much I love you, and how truly magnificent you are.

 There is no way I can capture my love for you in words. I love, love and love you so much from the deepest part of my heart. And I thank you for entering this world as my daughter because you are so right for me. You are so similar to me, yet so different. I still can’t get over how similar you are with your dad sometimes. You help me to feel at peace with the loss of my mother Joan, who you were named after. And you keep her memory and spirit alive in you daily. You help me to love more deeply and unconditionally.

I thank you for being truly the most amazing soul. You are a beam of sunshine to not just our family, but to so many others as well. I love you!

Happy 8th birthday my JoJo, this is going to be another amazing year for you and me.


The suburban goddess mom

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