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suburban goddess mom

life, truth, and change: my journey

Life, Truth, and Change.

I created this blog to share my story. This is my journal, where I share my deepest thoughts and life journey. I blog about my spiritual life, motherhood, the challenges of life as a free spirit, and much more.

Life, Truth, and Change.

I am a divorced mother of two, restarting my life and reinventing myself. I have always loved writing, and writing has helped me to work through intense times in my life. To get to know me more, read my blog and join me on this journey of becoming the suburban goddess mom.

Empath Is My Path

Empathy is the ability to tune into and share another person’s emotion from their perspective. It plays a crucial role in bringing people together. It’s the joy you feel at a friend’s wedding or the pain you experience when you see someone suffering. It’s an essential ingredient for building intimacy in relationships.

Green-ish With Envy

We live in the age of envy. Thanks to social media, we are constantly being exposed to positive, beautiful, successful, photoshopped versions of our friends, families, colleagues, acquaintances, and even strangers’ lives. Social media is taking envy to the extreme, and as much as I don’t love to admit this, I get a bit green with envy.

The Joy Of Not Doing

People wear “busy” like a badge of honor. We spend so much time running around trying to look busy for other people, then we often feel like we must look busy for ourselves, otherwise we might be considered lazy. Doing nothing doesn’t mean sitting on the couch mindlessly watching daytime TV. It means doing something that makes you feel relaxed, gives you mental space, and slows down your heart rate.

Life’s Transitions

My life is full of transitions, at the crossroads of here and now. Every time I think I can’t take any more or I have conquered one, another shows up.Life transitions can be positive or negative, big or small, planned or expected. Transitions (even happy ones) can be stressful and bring up mixed feelings.

Teacher Appreciation

There are some professions out there that just don’t get enough recognition, and teaching is one of them. Teachers are so much more than people who stand in front of students and talk for a few hours. Not only do teachers have to be smart and well educated, they must be able to understand people, and have a passion for what they do.